Website Protection and Scanner

Guard your website from being compromised.
Defend Your Website Against Hackers
Our website protection and scanner product can help you find any hidden malware or security vulnerabilities within your website to prevent any hacker from stealing confidential information, ruin your site's image, infect your customers computers or worse, getting your website blacklisted with Google.

Our website scanner can perform malware and vulnerability scan daily to quickly fix these malicious threats when found and protect your online reputation.
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Keep Your Site Clean and Secure
Defend your website against hackers

and Site Scanner



Included With Site Protection
  • Google "Blacklist" check
  • Online Dashboard
  • Removal & Cleanup
  • Database Protection
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Daily Vulnerability Scan
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How Does Site Protection Work?

Exposing your Customer information
Hackers use various methods to access your websites databases and obtain sensitive information such as your customers login and password or their name, address, email, phone and any other form of data that you have on your customers. With our Website Protection product, your level of online identity theft security improves your reputation.
Avoid being blacklisted by Google
Thousands of suspicious websites are being put on a “Google blacklist” every day. With our Website Scanner, you will always be alerted with any malware and vulnerabilities daily. It will constantly check Google's Safe Browsing to make sure your website isn't on the “blacklist”.
Protect your customers computers
Hackers inject malicious code to your links that gets redirected to another site instead of your customer downloading your product information. With malware of malicious software being deployed, your customers computers may also get infected. Our Website Scanner will scan destination URLs on the server side daily to avoid this vulnerability and protect your visitors.
Vandalising your website
Just as someone draws a graffitti on your wall without your permission, hackers do this virtually on your site by replacing contents with their own messages or whatever changes they see fit. Such an obvious display of your site getting hacked will surely diminish your website traffic.
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FAQ Site Protection
What is Site Protection and what it does

Site Protection helps you check threats and vulnerabilities in your website. It alerts you with issues that need your urgent attention. It does the following:

  • Monitor the IP address and associated DNS information of your domain for any changes
  • Monitor the WhoIs of your domain name for any changes
  • Site and Server-side scanning to detect infection types: Phishing Pages, Code Anomalies, Obfuscated Injections, and Backdoors (e.g., C99, R57, Webshells in various languages)

Note: Server-side scanning is not compatible with our Website Builder because of its customised backend infrastructure

What types of malware does it scan? Will you do the cleanup?
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